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Pulse Oxi meter? What is a saturation meter?

In the world of health and medical care, measuring blood oxygen saturation is crucial. This is where the pulse oxi meter, also known as a saturation meter, comes into the picture. This handy little device quickly and accurately measures the oxygen saturation in your blood, which gives an indication of how well your lungs are transporting oxygen to your blood cells.

Saturation meters at stethoscopeshop.eu: A solution for every need

Whether you're an athlete, someone with a chronic lung condition, or just someone who wants to keep a close eye on their health, it's essential to have a reliable oximeter on hand. At stethoscopeshop.eu we offer different types of saturation meters, tailored to the needs of both adults and children.

Adults or children: Who is the saturation meter intended for?

While the basic principles of saturation measurement remain the same, the size and shape of the saturation meter can vary depending on the target group. The meters for adults are often larger, while those for children are smaller and sometimes more colorful, to make measuring more enjoyable for them.

What value should I have?

A normal oxygen saturation value is between 95% and 100%. If the value falls below 95%, this may indicate problems with the oxygen supply and it is advisable to seek medical advice.

The benefits of a pulse oxi meter

Using a pulse oximeter has many advantages:

  • Immediate results: You will know your oxygen saturation value within seconds.
  • Portability: Their compact size makes them easy to carry and use wherever you go.
  • Reliability: With brands such as Contec and Beurer you are assured of accurate measurements.

Top brands at stethoscopeshop.eu: Contec and Beurer saturation meters

Reliability and accuracy are paramount when it comes to medical equipment. That is why at stethoscopeshop.eu we have invested in top brands such as Contec, which are known for their quality and innovation in the field of saturation measurement.

Saturation meters for home or as a professional

The need for a saturation meter may vary depending on use. For everyday home use, the Beurer PO30 is an excellent choice, known for its user-friendliness and accuracy. For professionals who need more advanced features and a higher degree of precision, the Contec 50D2 saturation meter is a reliable choice.

Affordable, high-quality saturation meters at stethoscopeshop.eu

Quality in healthcare does not always have to go hand in hand with high costs. At stethoscopeshop.eu we combine quality with affordability, so you have access to the best saturation meters without having to break the bank.

Where can you buy the pulse oximeters?

Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or would like to receive personal advice in a store, at stethoscopeshop.eu we have both options available. Our online store has an extensive catalog of pulse oximeters for you to choose from. However, if you need personal interaction and expert advice, we cordially invite you to visit us at our physical location.

Health is a valuable asset, and having the right tools to monitor it can be invaluable. With our extensive collection of pulse oxi meters and saturation meters at stethoscopeshop.eu you are always assured of accurate measurements and peace of mind. Order online today or come by and find the perfect device for your needs.