Penlight Classic

Penlight Classic

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Penlight Classic, SERVOCARE medical instrument!

Illuminate every examination with the Penlight Classic, your indispensable tool in the clinic and practice. Whether you're performing a detailed examination of the throat, mouth or ear, this penlight provides bright, focused light to help you make accurate diagnoses.

Equipped with a handy spring clip, you can easily attach the Penlight Classic to your jacket or pocket for quick accessibility. The built-in imprint scale for pupil measurement makes it easy to directly assess pupillary response, essential for neurological evaluations.

This penlight runs on proven, long-lasting batteries, which are environmentally friendly as they are free of harmful substances such as cadmium and mercury. After use, the Penlight Classic is completely disposable, ensuring a hygienic process without environmental concerns.

The Penlight Classic is your reliable partner for every situation in which you need clear and focused light. With this compact, efficient instrument you can perform every examination with confidence and precision.

Choose the Penlight Classic and raise the standard of your medical equipment. This penlight is a valuable asset to any medical professional who strives for excellence in patient care.

Product specifications Penlight Classic

  • Brand: Servocare
  • Colour White
  • Contents: 1 piece (Available in six-pack version)

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