Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor for measuring your blood pressure quickly and easily. The Omron M3 is supplied with an Intelli Wrap cuff. (22 - 42 cm) 60 memory locations, storage for 2 people.


Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor: Your partner in preventive healthcare

The Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor is your reliable partner in controlling your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home. With its advanced Intelli Wrap Cuff technology, which ensures that the cuff is wrapped correctly and completely around the upper arm, the chance of an incorrect measurement is significantly reduced. Research by Omron shows that one in three people does not measure their blood pressure correctly due to incorrect placement of the cuff. This problem is effectively addressed with the M3 Comfort due to the 360 degree accuracy of the Intelli Wrap Cuff cuff, making incorrect placement virtually impossible.

The M3 Comfort distinguishes itself by its ease of use. Thanks to the cuff wrapping guide that indicates whether the cuff is correctly attached and the body movement detector that warns of too much movement during measurement, you are assured of accurate measurement results. After the measurement, your heart rate is displayed in addition to your blood pressure and you will receive a warning if an irregular heartbeat or hypertension is detected.

Part of Omron's latest range of blood pressure monitors for home use, this device is designed for simplicity and convenience. It can be used by two users plus a guest and stores up to 60 measurements per user. With the M3 Comfort you have everything you need for an accurate blood pressure measurement, every time.

Why buy the Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor?

  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • 60 memory locations
  • Including Intelli cuff (22-42 cm) and batteries
  • Irregular heartbeat detection and clinically validated
  • Nice large display to easily read the results
  • Supplied as standard with batteries
  • Equipped with Omron's IntelliSense technology
  • CE certified

What parts are supplied with the Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor?

  • Preformed M/L cuff: 22 cm to 42 cm
  • Manual
  • Set of batteries
  • Carrying bag (pouch)
  • Blood pressure pass

What is the difference between the Omron M3 and Omron M3 Comfort?

The difference between the two blood pressure monitors lies in the cuff. The Omron M3 is equipped with a flexible cuff and the Omron M3 comfort is equipped with the Intelli Wrap cuff which is considered one of the best and easiest to use cuffs worldwide. Technically there is no difference between the two models.

Product specifications Omron M3 blood pressure monitor

  • Brand: Omron
  • Item number Omron: HEM-7155-E
  • Device type: Upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • Cuff type: Intelli Wrap cuff (22-42 cm) - OMR-MANCH-INTWRAPC
  • Battery supply: AA batteries
  • Memory management: 2 users x 60 memory locations
  • Weight: 0.34kg
  • Dimensions: 105 x 152 x 85 mm
  • Warranty: 5 years

Type Blood pressure monitor
Upper arm
5 Years
Clinically Validated
Delivery time
Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
€ 50,00 - € 74,99
1 piece
Irregular Heartbeat Detection
Cuff size
22-42 cm

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