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Greencare LONGLIFE complete durable ultra-powerful floor wax

Greencare LONGLIFE complete durable ultra-powerful floor wax, 5L, 2pcs / ds

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Longlife complete is an environmentally friendly, powerful floor wax. Longlife complete ensures better slip resistance and thus contributes to safety during work. In addition, the floor wax ensures that the floor is more resistant to alcohol and skin disinfectants and gives the floor a long-lasting shine.


With Austrian ecolabel
Economical to use; a low concentration is sufficient
Can be combined with Linax complete
For floors that can be coated, eg PVC, linoleum, natural rubber and other synthetic materials
Especially recommended for busy areas, eg hospitals, schools, shops, airports, entrances etc.
Do not use on polished stone floors, stone tiles and non-sealed wood
Suitable for professional use
Packaging: 5 L, 2 pieces per box